Signature Illumination Designs Partners with Commercial Real Estate Powerhouse CBRE to Bring Sterling Plaza Office Tower to Life

Working in such a creative industry, our team is fortunate enough to collaborate with innovative leaders that want to stand out from the competition. One of those partners is CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services company.

CBRE helps other companies turn real estate into an advantage, providing consultation, recommendation and advanced project management resources to elevate businesses. One CBRE portfolio property in Dallas is Sterling Plaza, a hub of business and innovation.

Sterling Plaza is the second-tallest office property in the Preston Center submarket of Dallas. This high-demand area generates high interest from discerning commercial tenants. CBRE knows they need to stand out from the competitive offerings so they called on Signature Illuminations to help convert the original mercury vapor lighting system in the trees that line the front entrance motor court of the building to a cool white LED (light emitting diode).

Unlike LED lights, mercury vapor lights function from gas discharge, therefore they have a long warmup period before reaching peak operational temperature. The new LED lights we installed produce high light quality, have a long lifespan and are energy efficient, saving the client on operating costs. The moonlighting LED concept also creates a safe, secure and beautiful effect for the front entrance and entry drive of the building.

Using R40 sized bullet fixtures for downlights, rectangular LED flood uplights and 4000K Green Creative LED Lamps, we designed and delivered an entrance that is welcoming and inviting to employees and prospective business partners alike.

Our team is always satisfied by a commercial project that works to aesthetically distinguish an organization in the same way their strategies distinguish them in the market.

If you are a director of engineering or oversee a commercial property, and were interested in upgrading an existing lighting system at your site, contact us using this link and we’d be happy to provide a complimentary consultation.