This House Now Has It All - A Living Wall, Pool and Fire Pit All Beautifully Lit for Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Installing cutting edge lighting fixtures that combine beauty with functionality is at the core of what Signature Illumination Designs exists to do. Our team imagines and finds customized solutions that highlight the unique features in every property.  

We partnered with Marlin Landscape Systems and architect Mark Molthan of Platinum Homes, to enhance this home. Our solution delivered a welcoming outdoor environment, along with the added benefit of enhanced security for the property. We installed lights in the front and back driveways, in the backyard, around the pool and fire pit, and in the trees to seamlessly combine the home owner’s desire for aesthetic and security lighting.

Unique to this home, we created a Living Wall around the fire pit. This self-sufficient, vertical garden has many benefits such as, purifying the air, regulating ambient temperature and providing a rainwater buffer. In addition to these benefits, the Living Wall around the fire pit helps to close in the space and create privacy from neighbors.

The submersible 12V 3000K fixtures in the backyard water feature, along with uplights and downlights in the trees that shimmer off the pool, create an inviting backyard space for friends and family to gather. Additionally, the 120V LED downlights in the large oak trees out front help to create an added sense of security.

Not only do these lights provide additional peace of mind for the homeowners, but the careful placement of the light fixtures in the backyard and around the pool area provide an aesthetic shine that can be enjoyed from within the home.

“The addition of landscape lighting to our property has transformed it,” according to Tina, the owner of this residential project. “Scott Beverly and his team created a perfect plan that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in our outdoor living spaces.  Signature Illumination Designs provided an enhancement to our property that is immeasurable not only in aesthetics but in security as well.” 

We loved having the opportunity to work on this residence and always look forward to each chance we get to transform outdoor spaces and environments for homeowners. What can we do for you?