Expanding Usability and Maintaining Peaceful Artistry of Bethel Rock

Leonard, Texas was known for being a quiet town with excellent crop and cotton production in the booming railroad era. Today the town is a quieter place where people connect to the simple things in life.

The Bethel Rock Retreat center in Leonard, Texas embodies the characteristics of this historic town, and is a place where guests step back from their everyday grind and gather with family and friends, to connect with one another and rejuvenate in a peaceful country setting. The venue is centered in the middle of a 40-acre ranch in Leonard, complete with longhorns, sheep, ponds and some of the lushest vegetation in Northeast Texas. 

As a luxury retreat and event venue that allows guests to relax and connects them back to nature, Bethel Rock wanted to add safety and security lighting with a reduced intensity so as not to disrupt the natural flow of nearby wildlife. Bethel Rock called on Signature Illumination Designs to install security lighting that would maintain the peacefulness of the country environment. 


Our team installed exterior security lighting that was beautiful and energy efficient, making the outdoor spaces more inviting and safer for use. In addition to the exterior lighting that complements the relaxing, rural environment, we also installed interior lighting in the ranch house where guests stay during their Bethel Rock retreats. 

Adding a level of depth to the retreat grounds, we flooded the tree lines in the distance with Alliance LV LED uplights for the ornamental trees, and Techlight 120V LED lights for the large hardwood trees to create a moonlight effect. Illuminating the trees that are further out of eyesight helps to increase safety for nighttime exploration, as well as provide deep, dramatic views of the property. 

In addition to lighting the tree lines, we also implemented various fixtures and lighting configurations throughout the property to greatly expand the functionality and artistry of the exterior spaces. Incorporating low lights for path lighting, dim pendant lighting above the outdoor dining area, and soft-mood Sterling LED string lighting over the fire-pit not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the property, but also makes it possible to enjoy these areas at different times of day. 


Keeping with the ranch-style vibe of the retreat center, we used warm, vintage lantern lighting on the exterior of the barndominium. The implementation of the raw, barn-style lanterns serve as a perfect complement to the wood-finished, rustic feel of the country cottage. Our team chose earthy colors for the fixtures and a dimmer light setting for the lantern so as not to disturb the surrounding nature and wildlife.  

Complementing the peaceful outdoor environment of the property, Bethel Rock owners want their guests to feel relaxed and at ease indoors as well. The property owners want guests to get outside, be with nature and visit the animals, but also have the freedom to come inside to a refreshing environment. While staying in the ranch house, guests should be able to rest in the common spaces and freshen up in a bathroom that makes them feel like they are at a spa. Detailed touches such as the elegant chandelier above the dining room table, and bulb lighting above the double vanity in the restroom help to increase functionality of the indoor space while creating a cozy space for guests to relax.  

Moreover, each of the lighting pieces and fixtures we installed work together throughout the property to create a true getaway that is peaceful and top-class, all while staying authentic to the countryside environment.

We’re proud of all the outdoor and indoor lighting designs and fixtures of this project we selected and installed. If you own a retreat center or getaway property and want to schedule a lighting consultation, contact us to request a meeting with one of our specialists.