Expanding the Depth of Lake House Living

It’s no surprise that summertime in Texas is hot. As temperatures rise into the triple digits, there’s no better place to be than on the water. A Texas lake house property is the perfect place to relax, cool off and enjoy the summer months with friends and family.

Located in the lake community of Little Elm, Texas, this house is a perfect lakeside retreat. In this residential project, the goal was to highlight the expanse of the property, create depth and showcase the resort-style elements of the home.

Though the home is set far back off the road, we wanted to highlight its sleek architecture and exquisite landscape design. In order to do this, we installed Alliance LV LED floodlights in the small ornamental trees that line the front of the home. We also designed a combination of moonlighting and canopy lighting to give the property depth.

Our team installed lights in the tall canopies that hang over the driveway to illuminate the long and dramatic drive toward the home. Additionally, we used Techlight 120V LED’s for the large hardwood trees to create a moonlighting effect that would express the width of the property.


In the heart of the lake community and within driving distance of bustling North Texas towns, this house is located in the perfect spot for a quick getaway. Designed and installed by Aquaterra Outdoors, luxury features such as the overflow pool, outdoor patio, stone walls and vibrant green plants give the home a resort-style feel.  

In the pool area, our team added Alliance LV LED tape lighting under the steps to illuminate the modern design, while also increasing safety by allowing visitors to better see the steps in the dark, evening hours. We did this without creating a glare from the house or the pool deck. Additionally, we installed submersible blue lights in the pool to give it a cool glow for safe and adventurous nighttime swims.

To complement the resort-style feel of the backyard pool area, we installed floodlights and wall-mounted lanterns to illuminate several architectural accent features at the entrance and on the upstairs and downstairs back patios of the home.

To top it all off, the entire lighting system of the home is controlled with a Leviton smart system, allowing lights to be dimmed or overridden from an app anywhere in the world. 

In any lake house property, it’s important for the lighting to be attractive, yet understated so as not to take away from the appeal of the natural environment. Call on our team to provide a balanced design for your property.