Highlighting the Understated Features of a Highland Park Home

Highland Park is a historic neighborhood located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Highland Park was highly sought after by developers and investors in the 1800s for one of the highest land elevations in the Dallas area, and remains highly sought after today. Many of the neighborhood’s historic homes have been around for over 100 years and still have their original architectural elements intact. This, coupled with the towering, lively oak trees that line the streets make this township a focal point of Dallas.

From classical carvings, to Tuscan roofs and Corinthian columns, it feels as though no single home in Highland Park is the same as the next. In the midst of such a dynamic neighborhood, many Highland Park homeowners seek to accentuate the unique characteristics of their houses. We installed a combination of uplights and downlights on this Highland Park property to emphasize the home’s understated features. 

Our team used Techlight 120V LED lights in the large oak trees in the front yard to not only illuminate the leafy avenue that points directly to the home, but also to create a moonlighting effect that makes the property feel larger. Installing downlights at the ends of the branches on the tall oak trees allowed our team to use moonlighting to cast shadows that broaden the depth of the property. These shadows make the home appear as if it sits farther back and higher up on the property than it actually does. 


Additionally, our team installed uplights on the façade and base of the home to help lift some of its understated,  beautiful features. The uplights on the left side of the home highlight the clean, cream color of the home, while also bringing attention to the intricate vine wall. 

Meanwhile, the lantern-style lights are strategically placed at eye-level on both sides of the entryway to frame the home’s front door, and to create a center point for the home. Our team installed a downlight in the alcove on the left side of the entry to serve as feature piece for artwork, pottery or sculptures that may serve as a reflection of the home’s history. The dimmed lights inside the front entrance and the lanterns that line the outside of the entryway create a warm and welcoming tone upon arrival. 

To complement the home’s cream façade, additional Alliance LV LED uplights were installed in the small ornamental trees, at the base and on the side of the home to help illuminate the simple, Tuscan-style roof. Being in a neighborhood with a lot of classical elements, this Tuscan roof is truly unique and serves as a remarkable feature to highlight. 

Whether it’s a Tuscan-style roof, or Corinthian columns, these dynamic elements are what bring character and charm to Highland Park. Our expert team members create customized plans to accentuate the unique features of each project we work on. We design every lighting plan on-site so we can take into account the special characteristics of every property. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss the possibilities for your property. 

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