Less is More for a Peaceful Home Environment

At Signature Illumination Designs, we create stunning outdoor environments based on the needs of the individual project. Since we build 100 percent custom lighting solutions, we design the lighting while we are on-site so we can take every detail into consideration. For some homes, color-changing lights, dramatic moonlights and decorative string lights are needed, but our lighting experts know that isn’t the case for all homes. In this Plano, Texas home, our team developed a custom lighting plan that accentuated the simple and beautiful design of the property.

We like to view uplighting as an aesthetic feature as much as it is a security feature. Our team has mastered the process of subtle uplights. We carefully install these fixtures among plant beds and in shrubs to add to the aesthetic appeal of the home instead of taking away from it. During the daylight hours, these fixtures will be almost completely unnoticeable, but at night they will help to accentuate the outdoor and facade features of the home.

For example, in this home we installed Alliance LV LED uplights at the base of the ornamental trees in the flower bed to highlight the rich green colors of the trees against the cream complexion of the home. The lights also showcase the unique texture of the face of the home and the custom Tuscan- styled roof. Installed so close to the home, it’s important that the uplights aren’t so bright that they create a glare. For each project, our team carefully selects the top lighting equipment that will best fit its environment. Since this home has a lighter color tone, our team chose dim lights that wouldn’t make the house appear washed out.


In addition to the subtle uplights installed in the flowerbeds and shrubbery, we also used the classic moonlighting technique. Using Techlight 120V LEDs for the large hardwood trees, we created a soft moonlight effect on the landscape of the home. Not only does this add visual hierarchy to the landscape, but it also provides an added layer of security.

Complementing the uplights and moonlights, we installed step lights, can lights and lantern lights to create the best possible blend of landscape and architectural lighting. By installing a series of step lights, we were able to create wayfinding illumination. These lights don’t distract from the lush green landscape of the home, they don’t create a glare on the path, and they allow for a peaceful, safe entrance to the home.

Meanwhile, the can lights installed on the front patio are soft accents that showcase the large, beautiful windowpanes. Aligned with the center of each window the can lights shine down to display the architectural design of the home’s three arches. Finally, the lanterns that frame the entry arch are the finishing touch, bringing warmth to the home.

Moreover, instead of trying to paint everywhere on the canvas, our designers and installation experts struck a delicate balance of illumination, shadows and soft accents throughout the property. The overall dimmed lighting of this home is the perfect demonstration of how the “less is more” approach can bring peace and charm to a home environment.

In residential projects such as this one it’s important to consider which lighting sources will best complement your home. Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss a lighting solution for your home needs.