Highlighting the Contemporary Features of this Home’s Architecture and Landscape

Signature Illumination Designs differentiates itself as a premiere landscape lighting company through our custom approach to every home. Our approach to lighting enhances and highlights a home’s features rather than distracting from them. 

In this recent residential project, our team designed a comprehensive lighting plan that considered the home’s contemporary architecture, hillside landscaping, and drop off pool. Reviewing the unique plan with the homeowner, we explained every detail including coverage areas, fixture types, and color temperatures.

Our team installed lighting equipment such as 4000K Green Creative LED lamps, Techlight bullet fixtures and RAB rectangular flood fixtures. We utilized cooler temperature LED fixtures to stay consistent with the contemporary style of the residence and the landscape. Adding bullet fixtures for downlights and rectangular LED flood uplights, we were able to highlight the landscape and architectural features of the home.

Moreover, the revolutionary Green Creative LED lamps last longer than traditional lighting and they are extremely energy efficient. The homeowner’s choice to switch over to an LED lamp solution is better and safer for the environment, and it allows them to conserve energy and save on their electric bill, reducing the total cost of ownership for the life of the system.

Additionally, with their long life and low maintenance nature, bullet lights are specifically designed for areas of limited accessibility. These chameleon-like fixtures are a perfect fit for the overarching trees and help to beautifully frame the home.

To tie it all together, our team installed RAB rectangular flood uplights to capture the magnificent design of the landscape. From the drop off pool to the hill-style yard, we were able to accentuate the geometric design of the home and contemporary feel of the landscape.

Our team specializes in creating positive experiences and specialized environments for each and every home. If you’re a homeowner looking to advance your home’s aesthetic appeal, increase safety or just add an extra flare to your outdoor environment, contact us here to set up your complimentary consultation.