Highlighting the Individuality of a Home

Nestled in the booming estates neighborhoods of Plano, Texas, this client’s residence was seeking a way to express its individuality. The gorgeous home includes large window panes, an open-arched doorway, a concrete, columned balcony, and many other features that make it unique among others in the neighborhood.

We considered the contemporary and one-of-a-kind features of this home and created a subtle yet differentiated lighting scene for the front yard. We used individual path lights along the concrete steps to naturally draw visitors in towards the home, and we used up-wall washers to reflect off the large panes and sophisticated window treatments.

Additionally, we placed lanterns on the columns to the sides of the door to subtly point visitors toward the arched entrance, and which now serves as the focal point of the front of the home.

In the backyard and pool areas, our team used Techlight LEDs for tree lighting and SPJ Lighting LEDs on the back pathway to give the yard a soft and luminous glow, making it feel like a serene getaway in this suburban neighborhood.  

We also added bullet fixtures in the plant beds along the back of the house to gently spotlight Aquaterra Outdoors’ landscape architecture designs that provide a natural vibrancy to the backyard environment. Finally, the color changing tape light we incorporated into the arbor grill station gives the entertainment portion of the yard an element of pop, glow and whimsy, without distracting from the serenity of the pool and plants that surround it.

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