Emphasizing the Distinguished Amenities and Landscape of Union Park

When the sun starts to set evening festivities get set in motion. From picnics to sporting events, a common favorite evening activity is gathering with friends and loved ones in the park. These kinds of joyous gatherings in the after-dark hours can be limited without the support of visual comfort; light.

Lighting helps to enhance the park atmosphere by defining the layout of the space, emphasizing walkways and enhancing safety. It helps to create a comfortable, safe ambience that encourages people to partake in the park amenities once the sun has set. With lighting playing such an important role, many parks and recreational departments are seeking more adequate, higher quality lighting to illuminate their public spaces.

Recently, our team was asked to add lighting to Union Park in Savannah, Texas, with the goal of extending and encouraging use of the park during evening operating hours.

Union Park is a Hillwood Community located in the North Texas town of Savannah. Our team highlighted how the Union Park development seamlessly preserves the beautiful Texas landscape across the 30-acre area of open greenbelts and natural ponds. 

In this project we provided the lighting for the development’s amenity center, pool area and community parks. Our team was able to install lighting that added visual interest and security by using string lighting, downlights in the trees and uplights to line the walkways.

Utilizing various styles and sizes of Alliance Outdoor Lighting fixtures, we were able to illuminate the wide Texas landscape and accentuate the park’s unique amenities. Additionally, the warm, white LED fixtures help to give a soft glow to the expansive acreage of the park.

Moreover, the ability for friends and families to gather, create memories and enjoy the outdoors is an added bonus for the communities that use the park. We’re honored that these light installations continue to contribute towards the public’s positive perceptions of Union Park and maintain the high levels of park usage for years to come.

If you are a residential developer or oversee a commercial property and would like to explore lighting options for your park space or property, contact us for a consultation.