Maintaining the Hill Country Environment of a Holistic Living Development

From traffic-filled streets to ever-flowing email inboxes, it can be easy for everyday life to become inundated by the hustle and bustle of today’s busy society. 

Now more than ever, people need an escape. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Wolf Ranch by Hillwood is a beautiful community designed to be a reprieve. This gorgeous development in Georgetown, Texas, is a place where people can take a break from their hectic schedules and relax for a weekend getaway, a quiet space to retire, or a calm neighborhood to settle down with a family.

Every aspect of the Wolf Ranch community is designed to achieve five key principles of holistic living: connection, well-being, enrichment, stewardship and convenience. With a dedication to meeting all five of these principles in every aspect of development, Hillwood knew they could call on Signature Illumination Designs to bring light to the neighborhood without compromising on their principles.

With our state-of-the-art, yet sustainable approach to lighting design, our team was the perfect partner to illuminate the community in a way that kept its natural appeal intact. Installing light fixtures by the pool, along the winding roads and in the Heritage Oak Trees we were able to help reinforce Wolf Ranch’s careful blend of serene, natural settings and vibrant community.

Landscape architects from TBG Partners – Austin reshaped the space of the Hill Country development to make it even more livable and enjoyable. We were able to complement their work by incorporating various forms of light from Alliance Outdoor Lighting throughout the development.

After assessing the development, our team determined warm white LED lights would best highlight the community’s beautiful features, while still maintaining the natural environment. 

We installed submersible lights in the pool, soft downlights in the Oak Trees, flood uplights at the front entrance of the development and bullet light fixtures lining the winding roads. Lights along the roads give a soft glow off the pavement for safety, while the other floodlights and downlights help to prevent unwanted late-night activities and enhance visual interest of the natural elements.

In Wolf Ranch, activity is guided by safety and sustainability. We are proud to know that our light installations meet the Wolf Ranch goal of holistic living, with a softness that adds to the serene tone and helps connect people back to nature.

No matter what kind of environment it is, our skilled teams are trained to uniquely adjust to the needs of your environment. If you are a residential developer or oversee a commercial property and would like to explore lighting options for your property, contact us for a consultation.

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