If you are looking for an exterior lighting solution, we are happy to offer a free consultation. We also provide consultation services even if you are not purchasing equipment and installation from us. We have worked with architects, designers, and electrical engineers to plan for illumination on many new construction projects. This saves time in the long-run as the project is then equipped with the proper infrastructure to accommodate the exterior lighting needs of the end-user.


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One of the most exciting parts of our work is that no two projects are the same. Whether it’s a 5-star beach resort or a 2-bedroom craftsman home, every new project is unique and exciting to us. We create custom solutions for each project to showcase the beautiful landscape features and architecture. During daylight hours, our lighting fixtures will go unnoticed. At nighttime, the effect seems effortless, because we take time to develop a thorough understanding of your needs and design the perfect plan.

When we design lighting, we consider color, form, line, shape, space, and texture, how they exist in the environment, and how to work with those components to achieve beautiful results. We pay close attention to the balance of color and light, emphasis on forms and textures, movement of shapes and light, as well as the rhythm and harmony within the scene. Understanding the color temperature of light is important to us. For instance, a Japanese maple looks beautiful highlighted with a warm light. That can bring out the red tones of the leaves. On the other hand, when we are moonlighting the environment, we often prefer to use a cooler light to mimic the same effect produced by the moon. 

Our design services are not a separate charge. We include it in the package for your complete illumination solution. We will design your property’s lighting as if it were our own.


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We work with the top lighting equipment available, but we are not tied to any specific manufacturer. Because there are distinct differences in the properties we light, we build a custom plan for the style and type of equipment that will work best with each situation.

We believe LED lights are the most environmentally responsible and sustainable lighting technology available. That’s why we design innovative LED lighting solutions and encourage our customers to “go green” with LEDs for every lighting application. We have partnered with the most cutting-edge manufacturers to offer a full line of LED lamps.

If you have exterior lighting, but it was installed several years ago, we will work with you to upgrade your system to longer lasting, energy efficient LED lamps. You’ll be doing the environment a favor and also saving on your electricity bill. 


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Signature Illumination Designs uses only the most experienced lighting designers and install specialists. We never subcontract our team, no matter where the project is located. We travel nationally and internationally with our in-house team.

Installing outdoor lighting yourself is difficult and it can be a dangerous job. Our team is highly trained and equipped to work with line voltage and low voltage electricity and can safely install lights in very high places like trees. We are able to create incredible lighting in a way that is safe for our installation team and safe for your trees. Most electricians will only install lights as high as their ladder goes, but our crew is trained to climb high into the trees and we have a master electrician on our team. This allows us to safely place the lights inside the tree to create a true moonlight effect.

We guarantee our installation services, just like we guarantee our equipment. 



If you need trustworthy, reliable and detail-oriented maintenance of your landscape lighting we’re your crew. We can maintain your landscape lighting system whether we installed it or not. Maintenance includes repair, upgrades, add-ons, dimmer system checks and any other on-going lighting system checks your property would benefit from on a regular basis.

We are full service team that will support your landscape lighting needs from start to finish and beyond.